Peer feedback and reflection

As part of the assessment for EDC101, we received peer feedback in relation to our blog. It is a requirement that we write a personal reflection about this feedback and about how we have improved our blog.

Please click on the rubric below to view the feedback in detail

Screenshot (9).


Overall I was quite happy with the feedback about the visual aspect of my blog. I did try to include images and video in contrast to just writing, so the blog was more appealing and this seemed to work well. My peer advised me to re-think my style of writing as it is meant to be reflective. I have attempted to be reflective, while ensuring the style of my writing maintained  academic principles. I have purposely avoided or limited the use of words such as “I”, “me”, “we”, as overuse of these significantly detract from academic writing. That said,  I did amend some parts of my blog, to give it a more personal touch and I think this was done effectively.  My attention was brought to how I referenced and the possibility of missing references as well as a few small grammatical errors. After re-reading the blog and checking my references, it was found that I had overlooked some referencing, so this was rectified, along with the grammatical errors that I found.  The feedback was very helpful as it also highlighted small errors such as doubling up on my headings, where I then I had the chance to correct and improve the overall look effect of my blog.


Screenshot (13)

I was happy with this feedback as it reiterated the fact that my blog is visually appealing due to the addition of clips and this is something I was aiming for. I have attempted at correcting grammatical errors and I am aware that this is an area that I need to work on.  A  new point that was made was in relation to heading my references as I had missed a few and about the bold writing that I did use in one part of my blog. I have now changed it so that all of my entries have a heading, and this makes the blog appear neater.  It was also brought t my attention about the use of bold writing, I did intentionally use it so I could place more emphasis in certain areas, however, I have amended it, because it has seemed to detract the reader from the purpose of my entry.




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