Lifelong Learning week 8


What is lifelong learning?life_long_learner

Lifelong learning can be described as a continuous acquirement of knowledge and skills that span over a lifetime. The breadth of learning new skills and gaining knowledge  spans far beyond the realms of formal education, with both informal and non-formal education also playing a significant role in lifelong learning.  (Lifelong Learning Council Queensland Inc 2013)


How we acquire new information and the way that we communicate has evolved so much that it has changed the dynamics of the world. We are no longer confined within the walls of our environment and we are now considered to be part of a global information society (Howell, 2012).  With the continual evolution of digital technology and the way it impacts how the world functions today, it’s crucial that we continue to learn and evolve with it, in order to keep up with the times and function successfully in the world.


As educators, it is not only crucial to equip our students with new knowledge and skills which will help them achieve digital fluency, but also help them learn how to utilise these skills, so they can continually build upon them throughout their lives. This will support them in becoming lifelong learners, who can grow and change with the ever-changing world.

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