Scratch -Digital fluency – Week 6

Having the ability to utilise technologies with confidence in order to accomplish a set out goal means that one is digitally fluent. It is imperative for teachers to encourage and support the development of digital fluency as this lays the foundation for the students in becoming digital learners who are able to continually build and develop on the skills they have already learned.


There are endless programs available that can be introduced into the classroom and used to develop childrens’ digital fluency, and one such program is Scratch. Scratch is visual, media manipulating program for beginners, where users can learn and have fun creating their very own animation. By utilising this fun and motivating program in the classroom, students will have the opportunity to learn, either  independently or collaboratively, in an informal context by developing new technological skills (Maloney, Peppler, Kafai, Resnick and Rusk, 2008). Once the student has completed their animation, they are then able to share their creation publicly or with limitation to those in their classroom.

In this program, the user also has the opportunity to draw their own pictures, which can then be added to the project/animation. Below is an example of a scratch animation which I have created and shared publicly.

Scratch Animation



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Maloney, J., Peppler, K., Kafai, Y., Resnick, M., Rusk, N. (2008). Programming by choice: urban youth learning programming with scratch [PDF File]. ACM SIGCSE Bulletin, 40 (1), 367-371. Retrieved from

Scratch. (nd) Scratch [image]. Retrieved from




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