Pinterest – Week 5


So, what is Pinterest? Pinterest is like a smorgasbord of information, ideas, activities and much more, where users are able to collect, sort and share their interests via their own pinboard. A pinboard is an innovative way of keeping a record of almost anything and everything in one easily accessible place. Users have the option to view other users’ pinboards where they can then “pin” anything they find interesting to their own board.

Pinterest would be a great tool to transfer into the classroom. The teacher could set the topic or theme or have the children create their own pinboard around their own interests. They could also work collaboratively in groups, then share their pinboards with other groups in the class. They could also aide the teacher in presenting information to the students, where they  then, if possible, have the option of easily accessing this information from outside of school.


Below is an example of a pinboard which has been created to capture different types of digital information that we encounter. The pinboard presents information and ideas that are aimed at students and teachers regarding applications and programs that could be useful in an educational environment.

Please click the pinterest icon to view pinboard

Click me



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